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Men Masturbating

Men Masturbating

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It’s no secret that almost every man has had a masturbation session in his life. In fact, masturbation is like a private sex time for some men. Actually, there are men that book japanese escort just to help them masturbate. But, there are things that you should know about men masturbation.

Health Benefits

Orgasms are not the same. Having real sex with a woman provides many health benefits. For instance, having actual sex with a woman provides heart prostate and blood pressure benefits. If you think masturbation can provide these benefits, you are wrong. Nevertheless, some researchers suggest that masturbation can reduce prostate cancer risk.

Low Risk

A major reason why some men prefer masturbation over having sex is the fact that it is a low risk sensual activity. Generally, you can’t get STDs from masturbating yourself. You can’t also impregnate a girl if you masturbate alone. However, there are male masturbation risks that you should be wary of. These include skin irritation that can occur or bending of your erect penis which can rupture your blood flow chambers. Nevertheless, this is something rare though gruesome. The condition is known as penile fracture.

No Amount of Masturbation is Normal

There is no limit to the number of times you can masturbate in a day or week. If you do it more often and you don’t have a health or social issue and you lead a satisfying life, that’s okay. However, if you miss work or school to masturbate or if you give up having sex with your spouse because of masturbation, you have a problem. In that case, consider consulting a sex therapist. If masturbation becomes compulsive and disrupts your normal life, talk to a specialist because you clearly need assistance.

It Won’t Reflect on Your Relationship

It’s possible for a married man to masturbate for many years without the wife knowing it. What’s more, masturbating doesn’t mean that your relationship has a problem. Actually, many men masturbate when single, married, as well as when in great and bad relationships. A significant percentage of men are masturbating with the help of vegas escorts for fun. Thus, masturbation doesn’t have anything to do with a partner in a relationship.

Generally, men masturbation is not just about sex. For some men, masturbation provides a great way of reliving stress and clearing the head before bed or work. Therefore, if you have been masturbating and thinking that you are the only one dong it, you are definitely wrong.