Breakup Sex or Makeup Sex- What’s best?

Breakup Sex or Makeup Sex- What’s best? post thumbnail image

You’ve probably heard people talk about breakup sex and makeup sex. But, you may have not experienced any of them. Makeup sex is the kind of sex that a couple engages in after reconciliation or understanding that they will continue to work out their issues. Breakup sex on the other hand is more of a last “hurrah” before the spouses in a relationship part ways.

Makeup Sex

Make up sex is an extremely wild and gratifying sex that partners engage in after reconciling following an intense fight. It’s surprising how spouses argue thinking that they can’t stand each other and then embrace and kiss passionately expressing their love for each other during makeup sex. Some people love makeup sex to a level where they sometimes vegas escorts to play the role of their girlfriends and provide this intercourse. For such people, arguing works like a verbal foreplay. The tension that builds up during the argument eventually gives way to sexual passion. Though the argument can be uncomfortable and stressful, the passionate sex that follows feels worth it.

Breakup Sex

Breakup sex is the opposite of a makeup sex. This is a passionate, bittersweet sex that partners have shortly before, shortly after, or during a breakup. To some people, breakup sex is better than makeup sex. This goodbye sex has an exciting nature because of the unique circumstances under which it occurs. This is the last chance to have sex with your spouse. Breakup sex tends to be amazing if spouses had a great relationship but circumstances and life plans have forced them to go separate ways. Just like makeup sex, you can hire a companion to act like your girlfriend and give you a passionate breakup sex.

What’s best?

Breakup sex is generally better than makeup sex for people that really care about each other. Engaging in makeup sex is like rewarding drama, fighting and bad behaviors. Couples that engage in makeup sex do not help their relationship because instead of dealing with negative emotions or finding solutions to their problems, they direct their energy towards sexual pleasure. Engaging in makeup sex is like assuming that relationship problems can be solved with sex. This is not true.

Breakup sex on the other hand is usually associated with people that have agreed to part ways for reasonable reasons. Thus, it’s a way of saying goodbye and celebrating what spouses in a relationship shared. If you wish to enjoy any of these types of sex, book an las vegas escorts that offers role play services.


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